1- Is there an age limit to play tennis?
ANSWER: Kids can start, as early as 5 years old and for adults, there is no age limit.

2- What are the health benefits of tennis?
ANSWER: Playing an hour of tennis a day will make you lose approximately 600kcal. It’s one of the most useful sports for your heart and veins; it regulates your pulse and your blood pressure. It boosts your metabolism and helps to burn fat. As playing tennis also requires attention and developing a strategy, it mentally makes you start the next day better.

3- I want my kid to start playing tennis. What should I pay attention to?
ANSWER: It is very important for your kid to learn any sports from a good instructor. We as Tennis Istanbul, support this with our strong and expert instructor staff. It’s important that your kid has fun on the court at early ages and for this reason, we advise him/her to take more group lessons with his/her coetaneous friends than private lessons.

4- I want my child to be a professional tennis player. How should I proceed?
ANSWER: To be trained as a professional athlete, your child needs to go through both an intensive physical and technical academic program. You can contact us on this matter.

5- Do you give lessons to companies?
ANSWER: As Tennis Istanbul, we do private lessons for companies. Until today, we worked with 5 different companies. With our training, we prepare the companies for tournaments and support them to build a team. You can have detailed information about the training program from the “courses” section: http://www.tennisistanbul.com/en/our-courses/

6- How many lessons does it take me to learn to play tennis? How many hours a week would be enough?
ANSWER: Learning period varies according to your age, your sports background, and your talent. We aim to make our athletes reach a game level after 10-12 qualified training lessons. 2-3 hours of weekly training can make you learn to play tennis rapidly.

7- Which are the necessary equipment to play tennis?
ANSWER: First of all, you need to have a tennis racquet suitable for your age and level. Along with that, proper tennis shoes for the ground type where you will be playing at and comfortable sportswear will be sufficient.

8- Where is your Tennis Academy? Do you give the same training in a different place?
ANSWER: Our academy is in the Bosphorus University in Bebek, at BUMED courts. For winter period,  we have bubble covered courts with heating. If you have other court options close to your preferred location, we can also do training courses there.