Private Academy for Adults:

  • We let same age and same level players share the same court.
  • We prepare the training schedule according to the player’s level together with our expert instructors and managers.
  • We schedule our training with min. three, max. four players on a court.
  • Our training is scheduled to be 8 days per month and 1 hour per day.
  • Our aim is to let the beginners embrace the tennis culture and to make them reach a level in a certain period of time in order to play with their friends. We prepare our players who reached a certain level for the tournaments and support them to play successful games.

Private Training for Beginners:

  1. We provide one-hour training twice or three times a week for beginners of all ages.
  2. Depending on age and levels, we do forehand, backhand, volley, service drills together with different training formats with four or six players and one instructor on the court
  3. For the ones who wish to have private lessons, we provide one-on-one private training with our instructors.

Tennis School for Kids:

Our private tennis school registration for ages 5-8 and 9-12 are continuing.

  • Tennis school is scheduled two days a week, an hour per day.
  • Our training is on Saturday and Sunday.
  • On one court there are max. six kids with one instructor.
  • Our schedule’s like; warm-up, tennis training, coordination drills and certain lessons for different age ranges.

We aim for the kids to like tennis, and we support them to be good sportsmen in the future.

 Tennis for Corporate Companies:

Tennis Istanbul makes you become a better match player by different tennis drills and right tactics.

  1. Our schedule is two or three days a week, training is set to be 1,5 hours.
  2. With four players and one instructor system and different training, you will reach a better level.
  3. After a minimum of 12 weeks of training is completed, we will organize a mini-tournament between the players and based on the match performances, we will prepare a new schedule.

At the end of the training, you will be representing your company better and you will be more successful in the tournaments.

Prize Tournaments:

In order to see the improvement of our athletes, we will organize prized tournaments between the players at the same level, we will make them reach the next level by defining the deficiencies and preparing a new training schedule.

For Professional Players:

We make our athletes become more successful in the future, both at national and international tournaments with the special training program that we prepare for those who want to play tennis professionally. For the training program, please contact us.

Want to play tennis at your premises?

If you have tennis courts at your residence and you don’t have a partner, we are just a phone call away for 1or 2 hours of tennis lessons.